Bob Andrews

A Best of Bob Andrews Compilation recorded at the original Louisiana Music Factory on Decator Street, New Orleans, in April 2011. (Courtesy of Bill Babcock.) Bob plays the Smiley Lewis hit, "Te Nah Nah", plus selections from his 2011 CD: Bobby Charles' "Grow Too Old", "Chills and Fever", the title track, accompanied on drums by the inimitable Willie Panker, and lastly a Bob original, "Part Of The World". The LMF has since moved to Frenchmen Street.

Bob playing "Beat Up the Memories" in New Orleans on April 29th 2013 at WWOZ's Piano Night at the House of Blues, a celebration of the New Orleans Piano Tradition. Bob has played the band stage at Piano Night many times. In April 2015, he sang and played on the solo piano stage, where he thrilled the audience with his unique slant on New Orleans piano improvisations.